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Chinese Kisses is another popular dating site for meeting Chinese ladies. It's especially popular German men looking for beautiful Chinese brides. There are also members registered who live in many other countries, including the United States, the UK and Canada. Ladies are from a wide range of age ranges from 19 - 60. Ladies in the 40-50 age group are especially numerous. Chinese ladies really look after their bodies, so these mature Chinese ladies are still very beautiful!

Chinese Kisses is one of a range of similarly named dating sites - if you want an Asian wife then check out Asian Kisses, and there's also Filipino Kisses for Filipinas.

Registering for the Chinese Kisses dating site

You'll find many beautiful Chinese ladies on the Chinese Kisses dating site

Once you have registered for free with the Chinese Kisses dating site you can search for the Chinese woman of your dreams. The site has a nice gallery feature where you can browse member photos in your search for your special lady. A nice feature of Chinese Kisses is that it also shows the most popular men and women on the site - this is a useful feature as you can get ideas for making your own online dating profile stand out. A good tip is to fill out as many details as you can - the more effort you put into your profile the more serious you appear about finding love and marriage.

In order to increase your chances of finding a partner through the site it is a great idea to upload a few photos of yourself. Profiles with no photos rarely attract much attention. Uploading photos of your lifestyle is also a great idea. If you like fishing then upload a picture of you with your fishing rod. Likewise if you like travelling then some photos of you visiting your favorite destinations will also help attract possible Chinese partners.

As with all dating sites that are free to sign up to, it's important to be aware that scam men and ladies can be found on these websites. New members are particularly likely to be scammers, so take particular care with these. Always be careful, as lonely people looking for love are especially vulnerable to online scams. Never send money - this is the golden rule. If you do then you're probably going to regret it later. Thankfully there are less Chinese scammers online compared to Thai and Filipina scammers, but Chinese ladies are catching on.

One thing to be wary of on Chinese Kisses is that some ladies might ask you to go and chat on another site. Invariably this site will be more expensive than Chinese Kisses. If a lady suggests this, then choose another lady. Also, before getting too involved with a lady, insist on seeing her on webcam. This allows you to prove to yourself that she actually exists. Fake profiles do occur on many dating sites, so don't fall into this easily avoidable trap.

While less of a scam, be aware that Chinese ladies are huge fans of flattering photos. Go to China and you'll see photographic studios all over the place. These places can work wonders on any lady, so take the obviously airbrushed photos with a pinch of salt. Skin lightening is especially common, as pale skin is considered attractive in Chinese culture (although we Western men often prefer darker skinned ladies!). So it's a good idea to insist on seeing natural photos of a lady, especially if she's over 40. Many Chinese ladies do of course look just as good in real life, but it's good to check.

Once you find the Chinese woman of your dreams it's easy to contact them through the Chinese Kisses site. Most of the members have access to Internet including email. Some also have webcams which is great for getting to know a potential partner. The Chinese are very enthusiastic users of the Internet, and in China there are Internet cafe's in most towns and cities. Wealthier ladies may have a computer at home. A lot of office workers also have Internet access. If you're serious about finding a Chinese partner then it's worthwhile installing QQ - this is the ubiquitous Chinese web based chat application that almost everybody in China uses.

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Is a Chinese Wife For You?

Well first of all Chinese ladies are very beautiful! Chinese ladies from the Sichuan Province are known throughout China for their incredible beauty, although there are beautiful Chinese ladies in all parts of China.

As well as their beauty, Chinese ladies on online dating sites tend to have had a good education. Many of the ladies will have good University degrees, and some may have studied overseas.

Although there are lots of lovely younger ladies on Chinese Kisses, it's usually sensible to find a lady closer to your own age. Chinese ladies often find it difficult to remarry Chinese men should their first relationship not work out, so separated or divorced ladies could be a good option. Older Chinese ladies are often much more easy going as well. The single child policy means that many of the younger Chinese girls were doted upon by their parents, so expect a lot of princess-like behavior from the younger Chinese girls!

If you want a really young Asian bride then you'll probably have more luck in Thailand or the Philippines. Life in China is hard, but living standards are generally higher than in Thailand or especially the Philippines.

The Chinese are very adaptable and seem to settle well in many different countries of the world. You should be able to find a Chinese lady who would love to live in your own country. Alternatively an increasing number of Western men are choosing to live in China. The cost of living is very low by Western standards, and living standards are increasing rapidly. Beijing and Shanghai have significant expat populations. The coastal areas of Guangdong Province are also popular retirement destinations due to the great climate and proximity to Hong Kong.

The Verdict on Chinese Kisses

As with all dating sites, if you're serious about finding a partner then it's better to take out a paid subscription. The Chinese Kisses membership fees are slightly more expensive than the other popular Chinese dating sites such as Chinese Cupid (also known as Chinese Love Links) and Cherry Blossoms. Chinese Kisses is a much more basic dating site compared to Chinese Cupid. Cherry Blossoms is particularly good value as there are ladies from other Asian countries, so it's a good choice if you're not 100% certain you want an Asian bride from China.

So Chinese Kisses is worth a look. However, bear in mind that Chinese Cupid is marginally better value, and the site offers much more sophisticated facilities. Once you see how many Chinese ladies are on these dating sites, you'll soon appreciate having top quality search facilities in order to find your dream Chinese lady online.

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