Is it Better to Date Chinese or Japanese Girls?

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This article discusses the differences between Japan and China, with a particular emphasis on dating ladies from these two countries.

The first thing to mention is that there is a long history of rivalry between Japan and China, punctuated by the occasional war. These days there is plenty of more positive interaction between the two countries. I've seen Japanese tourists in China, and Chinese tourists in Japan. Despite the rivalries, there are close economic ties between the two countries.

As to the women, is it better to date Japanese or Chinese ladies? Let's look at the facts...

China or Japan - you won't be disappointed by the ladies from either of these Asian countries

First of all there are fantastic ladies in both countries. I've dated both Japanese and Chinese ladies. Seriously I was blown away by how charming and attractive they were. Choose the right lady and you'll not be disappointed with either a Japanese or a Chinese wife.

It's easy enough to find both Japanese and Chinese ladies who are interested in having relationships with Western men. Obviously given the population of China is around ten times the size of Japan, it is generally easier to find a Chinese lady.

If you're interested in finding a lady from either country and you want her to live with you in your own country after marriage, then it's usually better to find a lady who speaks English (or another European language). Thankfully both the Japan Cupid and Chinese Cupid have search engines that allow you to find women who speak English or a range of other languages. It's much easier to have a relationship with a woman who speaks your own language. It's also easier to get her a visa should you want her to live in your own country after marriage.

Japanese women have traditionally traveled a lot, especially in their 20's. This often gives them a much better appreciation of what the rest of the world is like. If you find a Japanese lady who has already visited your country (which isn't often that difficult) then so much the better. Things are changing though, and it's increasingly easy to find Chinese women who have traveled overseas. Failing that then increasing numbers have visited Hong Kong, which gives them a little more insight into what the rest of the world is like.

Japanese ladies seem to be a little more reluctant to marry Westerners. This may be due to family and peer pressure more than anything. In Japan there is a lot of pressure to conform to society's norms, of which marrying a Western man is not considered the norm.

By contrast many Chinese ladies are enthusiastic about finding Western husbands. Chinese culture attaches great importance to power and money, and a Western husband usually means a Chinese lady increases her share of both.

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Japanese Dating vs Chinese Dating

As to the serious process of finding a wife, there are great ladies in both Japan and China. Both countries are a good place to head for if you don't want a traditional mail order bride but want an educated wife who can hold a decent conversation.

It's vastly easier to find a Japanese wife if you're living and working in Japan. Few Japanese ladies want to live in a different country after marriage.

It's much easier to find a Chinese wife using online dating. Thankfully there aren't too many out and out money scammers on Chinese dating sites as there are on Thai or Filipina dating sites. But take care all the same. Chinese ladies can be crafty, and many have game plans that involve getting a green card and a rich American husband. In general, however, the educated ladies with good careers are probably a much better bet than the housewives and those with home businesses.

Language and Culture

Both Chinese and Japanese culture are of course substantially different to Western culture. If you want success with ladies from either country then an appreciation of their culture will be very useful. Of course family plays an important role in both countries, and if you want to date an Asian woman then you'd better factor in her parents.

Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Japanese are of course completely different languages. While the Japanese language uses a lot of Chinese characters, they are derived from the old versions of the Chinese characters. The Chinese spoken language has a very simple syntax, but being tonal in language it is hard for Westerners to pronounce well. On top of this the various provinces in China and prefectures in Japan speak a number of different dialects of the language which adds further complications for the student of Asian languages. As to which is the hardest language to learn - they both have their good and bad points.

While discussing Japanese and Chinese women, mention must also be made of Asian ladies from other countries. There are some great Chinese ladies from Taiwan, and this is an option if you want to find a professional lady for marriage. Likewise Hong Kong and Singapore have plenty of professional ladies of Chinese descent. And of course Korea is another option. Korean ladies have a great reputation for being good wives. On the downside it's not that easy for a Western man to find a Korean bride. One possible option is to seek out Korean Japanese ladies who live in Japan. Sometimes they can find it a little hard to find a Japanese husband because they're not perceived as being 100% Japanese.

If you want to date the hottest Japanese and Chinese ladies, then try these guides written by experts in international dating. I've read both guides and they taught me an enormous amount about the ladies I dated in both countries:

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