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Chinese Dating Women is a popular free Chinese dating site. The site contains the profiles of thousands of single Chinese girls, many of whom are interested in chatting to Western men. Many of the ladies are marriage minded, and like the idea of finding a Western husband.

You'll find plenty of beautiful, marriage minded Chinese ladies on Chinese Dating Women

Chinese Dating Women is a free Chinese dating site. It is supported by advertising. There's a lot of banner advertising on the site, which sometimes makes it difficult to find out what to click on.

Chinese Dating Women has a simple search facility where you can search the members for sex and country that they live in. When you get some search results you see a thumbnail image of that person, and a little about themselves. Click through to the person's details and you can see more information about them, like their nationality, height and age. Some of the members have uploaded a number of photos of themselves. A few members have also written a little bit about themselves, as well as what they are looking for in a partner. As with all dating sites, it's better to only communicate with members who have uploaded 2-3 photos and filled in most of the information fields - that way you know they're a bit more serious about finding a partner.

Although Chinese Dating Women and other free dating sites are the inexpensive Asian dating option, just bear in mind that free dating sites are a false economy. People signing up to free dating sites are often less marriage minded than those using subscription sites. Free sites tend to have more basic search facilities. Finally - if you have problems with scammers then you're usually on your own, the site won't always have the resources to remove fake and scam profiles in a timely manner.

Having said this, Chinese ladies tend to be more trustworthy online when compared to Thai or Filipina ladies. Women who can't write much English tend to be less likely to be scam ladies. For some reason many Chinese scam ladies come from Nanning, so be a little more careful of ladies from this city.

Other Chinese ladies to be wary of on Chinese Dating Women are ladies who have just posted a couple of studio taken photos and who have a profile that looks professionally written. These ladies may be represented by Chinese marriage agencies. Some companies are very good, but others are very dishonest. Don't fall for the trick of being asked to chat to one of these ladies on another site - you might end up paying to send or receive expensive translated letters.

Chinese Dating Women - Scams

Like all free dating sites, be wary of Chinese Dating Women. Free dating sites are very popular with scammers. Unfortunately men (and women) continue to lose tens of thousands of dollars through simple dating site scams. DON'T fall in love with someone online - wait till you meet them in person, and even then be cautious. The golden rule of never sending money to a Chinese lady you've met online is very important.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

Alternatives to Chinese Dating Women

Chinese Dating Women has a sister site called Asia Funs. This site is worth a look if you don't know if you want to find an Asian bride from China or from another country like Thailand or the Philippines.

If you're really serious about finding a Chinese wife then it's better to join one of the subscription sites. About the best of the Chinese dating sites is Chinese Love Links. The site has thousands of beautiful Chinese ladies on it, so you'll have no problems finding Chinese ladies to chat to. Subscription sites tend to attract members who are a bit more serious about having a relationship. By signing up for a subscription to a site you can also show ladies that you're serious about finding a partner and aren't just after someone to chat to.

Another free Asian dating site is Date In Asia. This site is very popular and claims to have over a million members. There are ladies from a wide range of countries on there, not just from China.

So Chinese Dating Women is worth a look if you're thinking about the idea of finding a Chinese wife and would like to see what sort of ladies are available.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!