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China has a huge population. Consequently there are a huge number of Chinese ladies online looking for Western husbands. There are loads of Chinese dating sites where Western men can meet Chinese ladies for love and marriage. This article highlights the best Chinese dating sites, and reviews the ones that are best avoided.

China is changing rapidly, so many people's ideas of China are very outdated. If you want a Chinese wife then consider taking a trip to China and immerse yourself in the country's language and culture.

Chinese ladies can make fantastic wives. China is also home to some of the best looking ladies on the planet. The problem is that business ethics can be very poor in China. Many Chinese ladies are represented by marriage agencies. Sadly it's very easy for a naive Westerner to get ripped off by a Chinese lady or a marriage agency.

Also be aware that a Chinese lady will be much more likely to marry a Westerner for money rather than love. Finding a Chinese lady who will really love you and not just your money is a challenge, particularly if you're thinking of dating a younger Chinese lady. Older Chinese ladies will usually be a better choice.

As if that wasn't enough there is a significant language and cultural barrier between Chinese and Western people.

Finally, do not make the critical error of thinking that a Chinese lady will be shy and submissive. This is a total myth that has probably arisen due to the Western belief that Chinese ladies are like Japanese ladies. Despite their Asian appearance, they really could not be more different! Chinese ladies have strong personalities, and they will stand up for themselves.

What are the Best Chinese Dating Sites?

In terms of the numbers of registered users of their sites, the most popular Chinese dating sites are Chinese Cupid and Chnlove. In particular, Chnlove has over 10,000 Chinese lady profiles on the site. Login to Chnlove and you'll be stunned at how many beautiful women there are on this site. Not all of the ladies will be actively looking for a husband, but a good proportion of them will be. Chinese Cupid has tens of thousands of members. However, not all of these members are active and many won't have logged onto the site for many months or even years.

Chnlove has some lovely ladies on it. In fact in terms of beauty it could have the best selection of ladies on any dating site there is. Unfortunately beauty is only skin deep and the problems of Chnlove are immense. The biggest problem is that this is a pay per contact dating site. Basically the site is totally free to join and use, but you have to buy credits in order to contact the ladies. Each time you send or receive an email from a lady you are charged. Although this charging model is initially attractive, if you are at all serious about searching for a Chinese wife then you'll find you end up paying hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars to the site.

It's far better to go for a flat rate dating site where you can pay one up front payment then chat to and email as many Chinese ladies as you want. Many of the popular Chinese dating sites adopt this charging model. The two most popular sites are Chinese Love Links and Cherry Blossoms. Chinese Love Links (also known as Chinese Cupid) has mainly Chinese women on it, whereas Cherry Blossoms is a dating site for Asian women from a range of countries.

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Free Chinese Dating - Is it Worthwhile?

There are quite a number of free dating sites around. They usually make their money from advertising, or by offering premium services such as video chat or help with visa applications or travel plans.

Mainstream dating sites such as PlentyOfFish have proven that it is viable to offer a fairly high quality free dating site. However, free dating sites that actually offer good search facilities and protection from scams are very rare. In particular, even the largest 100% free Asian dating sites such as DateInAsia are known to be havens for dating site scammers, so the smaller sites could be equally as hazardous.

I do now have my own free dating site that you're welcome to join - AsianLoveConnections. I personally review all the profiles in order to remove the obvious scammers. The site also contains geolocation technology - this means you can see which country (and even city) another member logged into the site from. This is another way of telling if someone is genuine.

So if you're looking for a Chinese wife then the best Chinese dating sites are Chinese Love Links and Cherry Blossoms. Chnlove is best avoided unless you have deep pockets. All dating sites have plenty of scam ladies operating on them, so be on your guard whichever dating site you choose.

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