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If you want to find a Chinese wife or meet Chinese girls then there are plenty of Asian dating sites to choose from. Probably the best of the many Asian dating sites available are those run by Cupid Media. There are loads of Cupid Media run niche Asian dating sites. As well as the Asian site, which allows guys to contact cute Asian women from a range of different Asian countries, there are also country specific dating sites.

Cupid Media's country specific dating sites include Japan Cupid and Korean Cupid. The Chinese version is known both as Chinese Cupid and also as Chinese Love Links (CLL).

There are tens of thousands of beautiful Chinese ladies on Chinese Cupid

The Cupid sites are good value if you are serious about finding an Asian wife or meet Chinese girls online. While sites such as Chnlove have a pay per email charging model, this type of site is to be avoided as you will be buying extra credits faster than you ever thought possible. This pay as you go dating site also encourages fraud on the part of the site and the Chinese marriage agencies doing the translation on behalf of the Chinese lady you're emailing.

What newbie guys don't realise is that many of the women on Chnlove and other pay as you go dating sites also have profiles on sites such as Cherry Blossoms and the Cupid sites. But if you contact the ladies using these sites then you pay the same amount regardless of how many emails you send them!

If you are serious about meeting Chinese girls then it's best to take out an annual subscription to one of the Cupid sites. An annual subscription has a huge discount to the monthly or quarterly payment options, so you'll save cash as well.

If you can't afford an annual plan then you might need to do some soul searching about finding a Chinese wife. The China option is expensive, and to find a Chinese bride, marry her and get her to your own country could cost as much as $10,000. This is not the cheap option by any means. If your budget is limited then consider the Thai bride alternative. Marriage agencies like Anglo Thai Introductions have a fixed fee service that you might find easier to budget for.

Also remember that while Chinese ladies have a reputation for frugal living, the younger Chinese ladies are much more Westernised than their parents, and will expect you to take them shopping once in a while!

As well as being cheaper than other dating sites, the Cupid sites also have far superior matchmaking facilities. Members of the Cupid sites have to fill in plenty of details of themselves, so this helps the site find possible matches for you. Once you find someone you're interested in, a particularly nice feature of the sites is that you can compare your details with your chosen Chinese woman so you can instantly see if she's a good potential match (e.g. too tall, too short, smokes, doesn't drink).

What to Look for in a Chinese Wife

When looking for your dream Chinese wife on a Cupid site, there are some additional factors to consider. Not many Chinese women speak good English, or any English for that matter. English is extremely difficult for a Chinese person to learn, so you might want to only look for women who already know some English. Another factor many guys overlook is that China is a vast country. Some parts of China are difficult for Westerners to visit (i.e. the remote North West). Other parts are dangerous to visit, and some places you might not be able to visit at all (Tibet at certain times, areas around military facilities). Remember that you normally require a visa to visit China. So choose your lady's location carefully. Good locations are Beijing, Shanghai and the Southern Provinces neighboring Hong Kong (i.e. Guandong Province and Guangzhou and Shenzhen). Many men have also found wives from the central parts of China, particularly Hunan Province (Changsha) and Hubei Province (Wuhan). The ladies in central China are particularly beautiful so it's worth the extra travelling involved!

Also ladies from certain cities (Shanghai, Nanning, Shenzhen) have a reputation for being more likely to be scammers. Whether this is true or not is open to debate, but immigration officials in Western countries will usually cast a more thorough eye over visa applications made from these cities.

Do Chinese Women Make Good Wives?

First of all Chinese ladies are very beautiful. In fact they are extremely beautiful. While Chinese ladies on dating sites usually post very flattering photos of themselves, many men who have travelled to meet their Chinese ladies have reported that their chosen lady looks even better in real life (and I am amongst those men!)

Chinese ladies rarely smoke or drink alcohol. They also stay out of the sun or use sun umbrellas. While fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC are appearing all over China, a Chinese lady will really watch what she eats.

Contrary to what Western women might have heard about the mail order bride business, Chinese ladies on dating sites tend to be well educated and usually have good jobs in China. Go on Chinese Love Links or Chnlove and it's not uncommon to find ladies that have better jobs than you or I do! Of course they are not always well paid by Western standards, but their salaries usually buy a good standard of living in China.

Chinese ladies can make very loving and devoted wives once you marry them. However, finding an honest Chinese lady on the Cupid sites or any other dating site is a problem. There are the usual scammers on Asian dating sites. The best thing to do is to stay well clear of the free dating sites like DateInAsia. A far bigger problem is with dishonest ladies or those marrying for the wrong reasons. These are more difficult to spot. Chinese people tend to be intelligent and crafty at times. Throw love into the equation and things can get very complicated.

An unusual problem with dating the younger Chinese ladies is the one child policy. While reducing the population has meant there is more wealth to distribute to less people, it has lead to a population imbalance. It has also lead to a generation of very spoilt children, and a girl who was brought up as an only child will tend to exhibit princess-like behavior at times. This is something to be aware of if you're dating a younger Chinese woman.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

Chinese Cupid in Summary

So if you want to look for a Chinese wife then one of the best places to look is Chinese Cupid/Chinese Love Links. Another site popular with Chinese women is Cherry Blossoms. Chnlove is best avoided as the pay per contact charging model works out to be very expensive for meeting Chinese girls compared to the Cupid Media flat rate model.

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Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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