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China Love Links (CLL) is one of the most popular Chinese dating sites available online. The site has various names including Chinese Love Links and Chinese Cupid. The site is managed by Cupid Media, who tend to name all their dating sites with a Cupid suffix.

China Love Links for Meeting Chinese Girls Online

Want to meet Chinese ladies online? Try China Love Links

China Love Links has tens of thousands of members. The female members of the site are living in a wide range of Chinese provinces. The site is also popular with Chinese people living overseas.

China Love Links is totally free to join. Once you've joined up you can use most of the site, with the major exception that you can't contact other members who have signed up for free.

China Love Links's search facilities are excellent. Once you've configured a search then you can save it for reuse at a later stage. There are also a number of preset searches, such as showing members who live in your local area, as well as new members and members who you might be interested in. Search results usually list paid members first. It's a good idea to focus on these members, as they'll tend to be a lot more serious about finding a partner through the site. The results also show members according to how long ago they've signed up to the site. Bear in mind that there are many members who just signed up for free membership in order to have a look at potential partners, so they might not have signed on for a while. Another way of discounting the timewasters is to avoid any ladies who haven't filled in many of their personal details.

One great thing about China Love Links is that the site is reasonably priced. The subscription fee discourages professional scammers, who tend to prefer free Asian dating sites. At the same time if you're serious about finding a Chinese partner then the site works out much cheaper than using a pay per contact site such as Chnlove or Foreign Ladies.

China Love Links is also a great site to use if you're interested in finding a Chinese lady in your local area. It's much cheaper to hookup with a Chinese lady who lives nearby, and you've much less chance of encountering one of the many dating site scammers. On China Love Links it's also worth checking out the local Chinese ladies, even if they're not in your age group. They may be interested in being friends, and if you're serious about finding a Chinese wife then it's a good idea to find as many Chinese friends as you can.

Once you've found some ladies you've interested in then you can send them an interest, or send them an email. Usually it's better to use the personal touch and send them a quick email. After you've exchanged a few emails then it's worth setting up a webcam session with the Chinese lady. That way you can tell if she's genuine as well as hear her voice and judge her posture.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

China Love Links Scams

Most dating sites suffer from problems with scammers, and China Love Links is no exception. It's worth being on your guard whichever dating site you use.

Most scammers are after money. A good Chinese lady will rarely mention money, and certainly won't ask for money. If you send money to a Chinese lady you haven't yet met in person then I can guarantee that you'll regret it later. So avoid any lady who mentions a member of her family needing money for hospital treatment or any other purpose.

Don't be too hasty to visit a girl you've just met on China Love Links either. Dishonest scam ladies will think nothing of inviting you over to China in order to scam a few tens of dollars out of you. Take your time with the ladies you meet on China Love Links, and slowly build trust in one another.

One particular thing to be wary of is ladies on China Love Links who ask you if you want to chat on another website. This other site is invariably more expensive than China Love Links, so you might end up paying a lot of money to chat to this lady. Many of the ladies on China Love Links may be represented by Chinese marriage agencies. These agencies can't easily make money from their ladies appearing on China Love Links. So they will try to get you to sign up for a site where you have to pay each time you send a letter to a lady, or partake in a webcam session with her.

So China Love Links is one of the better sites for Chinese dating. If you're interested in finding a Chinese wife or girlfriend then sign up to China Love Links and see if the site is something that interests you.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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