Changsha Love Bridge Company

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The Changsha Love Bridge Company is a China based marriage agency. The agency is one of the many agencies that supply lady profiles to the Chinese dating site Chnlove.

As their name suggests, the agency is based in Changha. Changsha is a small Chinese city in Hunan Province. This province is roughly in the centre of China. It's about a two hour flight away from Beijing. Changsha is a small city by Chinese standards, but pretty big by Western standards. Although this part of China could be considered China's rust belt, there is considerable expansion of Changsha taking place, including a high speed rail link to the Southern Chinese Provinces and Guangzhou. Large cities near Changsha include Wuhan and Yichang in Hubei Province.

Changsha Love Bridge Company is frequently encountered by men seeking Chinese ladies, especially through the Chnlove website. Since not many Chinese ladies on dating sites speak good English they often sign up to marriage agencies that provide translation services. The agencies also take care of administrative aspects of dealing with dating agencies such as taking their photographs and uploading their profiles. Although better IT aware ladies can often sign themselves up to sites such as Chinese Love Links and Cherry Blossoms, this takes a certain level of IT awareness and reasonable English skills.

So is Changsha Love Bridge Company a good Chinese marriage agency? Let's look at the evidence?

The Case for the Defence of the Changsha Love Bridge Company

The Changsha Love Bridge Company is one of the largest marriage agencies and a significant percentage of the Chnlove profiles are provided by this agency. Therefore the larger the agency the more problems you will expect to find.

What is not disputed is that the Changsha Love Bridge Company has some of the loveliest ladies you are ever likely to see from a marriage agency. While this is to some extent down to the fact that they take time to post extremely flattering photos, it must also be born in mind that this part of China is indeed home to some of the most beautiful women on the planet. It is surely no coincidence that many of the male Chnlove members who have found Chinese brides have found them in Changsha, or in nearby Wuhan.

I did exchange a few emails with a girl registered with the Changsha Love Bridge Company marriage agency. She sounded nice but then her emails got a bit strange and I decided that our personalities were just too different. I am pretty certain that she was a real person and not a fake profile. As she was a factory worker she didn't have access to a computer so couldn't send me photos or other evidence that she was genuine.

Finally, plenty of men have married great women they've found through this agency.

Changsha Love Bridge Company - the Prosecution's Case

A lot of men have had problems with this agency - search around on the web and you'll see all kinds of stories.

In my own experience I had a few problems. First of all one of the ladies sent me a duplicate email, so I ended up paying for that letter twice. It could have been an administrative error, or a way of making more money.

When I was a Chnlove newbie and logged into Chnlove, I was flooded with profiles from Changsha Love Bridge Company ladies. While this was flattering at first, if you reply to every lady you soon end up spending an awful lot of credits.

I also have some evidence that one of the ladies I was speaking to was an agency translator. I don't have hard evidence for this, but from this point on I deliberately avoided any further contact with ladies registered with the Changsha Love Bridge Company. Other men have also had big problems with this agency.

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So in summary, this agency is not without its problems, but at the end of the day the entire Chnlove system of using marriage agencies is fraught with problems. Make sure you get real photos of your lady, confirm her address and communicate with her via webcam or phone. If this all sounds risky then alternatives are to use an introduction agency, get introduced to a Chinese lady through a friend of a friend, or find an English speaking lady on Chinese Love Links.

If you visit a lady in Changha then always have a backup plan, be it visiting other ladies, other agencies, or just having a damn good vacation.

Incidentally, there is another marriage agency in Changsha called the ChangSha MeiYin International Marriage Introduction Company. This agency has a good reputation so if you want to find a Chinese wife from Hunan Province then give them a go.

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