What Are The Best Asian Women To Marry?

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So if you're looking for an Asian wife, then what are the best asian women to marry?

The simplest answer is that you should always marry an Asian lady who is from a country that you admire. If you love Japanese culture, then marry a Japanese lady. The same goes for China, Thailand and the Philippines.

Choosing The Best Asian Women to Marry

There are lovely Asian ladies in every Asian country, so choosing where to look for an Asian wife can be a difficult decision?

A problem with marrying women from Asia is that many of them are marrying for the wrong reasons. A green card or visa is a dream for the many Asian ladies who live hard lives in Asian countries. So if you want to be pretty sure that your Asian lady is marrying you for the right reasons, then look for a Japanese wife. Other options are to find a bride from South Korea or Taiwan. One thing that people don't realise is that Asia is increasingly wealthy, and there are plenty of well off people in all Asian countries. It's possible to see plenty of wealthy professional ladies on Asian dating sites. You'll be in the realms of executive dating with many of these ladies, but you can be more certain that they're likely to marry for love and not just economic reasons.

If you're a man of limited financial means, then it's usually best to marry an Asian woman from either Thailand or the Philippines. Both countries are cheap to visit. More usefully, there are introduction agencies in Thailand and the Philippines who charge an all inclusive fee for helping you find and marry the Aaian woman of your dreams. Look for well established introduction agencies like Thai Professional. China is best avoided as finding a Chinese wife can be complicated, and as far as the search for love is concerned, complicated = expensive. Likewise, Japan can be a seriously expensive place to visit.

If you want your Asian bride to find a job in your country, then this also needs to be taken into consideration. Many of the ladies on Thai and Chinese dating sites don't speak good English. Consequently their choice of employment may be limited outside of their own country. Although some ladies have good jobs in Asia, they often find that they have to retrain once they decide to live in a Western country. Filipino ladies tend to find it easier to find employment overseas, as many train in jobs that are in demand in Western countries. Indeed, around 10% of Filipinos find work overseas.

Finally, if you're an older man and want to retire to Asia then this is also a consideration. Thailand is probably the most attractive retirement destination in Asia. Increasing numbers of men are however choosing to retire in China. China can be a chaotic place, but the southern provinces bordering Hong Kong have good weather and are generally much more Westernised than the rest of China. The Philippines is a little known tropical paradise, but the Philippines government don't make it that as easy to retire there compared to Thailand.

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The Best Religious Asian Women to Marry

Religion is an important part of many people's lives. If you're a religious man and want to marry an Asian lady who shares your beliefs, then this may influence your decision. If you're a Christian then the best Asian woman to marry would be a Filipina woman. Most of them are god fearing Catholics (well that's what they often write on their dating profiles anyway). Howver, bear in mind that there are a few Christians in other countries including Japan and Thailand. Christian ladies from these countries can often find it hard to find a husband who shares their religious beliefs, so they often look for a Western husband instead.

By the way, if you're a Muslim and want a Muslim wife from Asia then it's worth looking at Malaysia or Indonesia. There are also many Muslim Filipinas. They tend to live on the island of Mindanao. Davao City is the largest city on the island.

So if you want to know the best Asian women to marry, the answer's really up to you. Good luck with your Asian dating experience!

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