Dating Beijing Women

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If you're interested in finding a Chinese wife then it's well worth considering dating Beijing girls. Beijing offers a number of advantages for Western men seeking Chinese brides:

  • Beijing's international airport has regular flights from the USA and Western Europe, so it's easy to travel to. The airport itself is stunningly modern and it's reasonably easy to find your way around it.
  • Beijing itself has plenty of restaurants and tourist sites. If you want to go on a date with a Chinese lady then there are plenty of places to take her. Contrast this with a smaller city such as Wuhan, where there are only a couple of tourist sites, and it can be difficult to find your way around due to poor maps and the lack of a comprehensive metro network.
  • Beijing is one of the major Chinese cities in which there are vast numbers of single professional girls. Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are good alternatives to Beijing in this respect.
  • English is perhaps more widely spoken than in some of the smaller Chinese cities.

On the downside, you'll probably find that Beijing is full of modern tower blocks and much of the charming old city has been razed to the ground. Many foreigners also complain that Beijing is a very large and sometimes dull city, and it lacks the charm of cities such as Shanghai, Nanjing or Guangzhou. The city is also very large, and it can take a lot of taxi rides to get to where you want to go. There's an extensive metro network, but still count on doing a lot of walking. It can also be cold in Winter, so choose your travel plans carefully.

Finding Attractive Beijing Girls for Dating

Single professional Chinese girls are numerous in Beijing

How you find Beijing girls will largely depend on your circumstances. If you're one of the many foreigners in Beijing, then it's often better to ignore online dating sites and look for singles events. The good news is that as a Western man in China you'll be in great demand! Contrast this with expat Western women who complain it's hard to find love in Beijing. I'm not surprised they can't find a Western man in Beijing, when he has thousands of slim and pretty Chinese girls to choose from!

Major international cities often have international evenings organised for locals and expats to attend. The types of Chinese women these events attract will be mainly interested in meeting Western men. One thing to be wary of is that many Asian ladies like the idea of a short term relationship with a Western men (the curiosity factor being a big thing here). While this can be a lot of fun, these types of girls aren't usually good marriage material.

Be on the lookout for girls who just want a rich boyfriend as well - I've heard plenty of stories of men spending hundreds of dollars a month on their Beijing or Shanghai girlfriend's shopping habits!

Another great way to meet girls is through mutual friends. When I dated a few Chinese women I found out that most of them had single friends who were interested in meeting me! The tricky thing here is how to let down the girl you're currently with gently so that she provides access to her friend. This is quite tricky at times, because a girl who is the slightest bit interested in you will hardly ever give you away to one of her friends.

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If you're not a Beijing expat then you'll have to resort to online dating. For Beijing girls, avoid letter writing sites like Chnlove and Asian Beauties, and log into Chinese Love Links. Chinese Love Links is awash with Beijing singles, and you can draw up a shortlist of ladies to visit on your trip to Beijing. On the whole you'll find it pretty easy to find English speaking ladies on the site. Choose intelligent ladies with good office based jobs and you'll avoid the majority of the scam ladies on the site. If you like a lady then don't be afraid to ask for her QQ number - this will allow you to chat to her, and she'll be really impressed that you know about QQ!

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