Asian Romance Tours - Are They a Good Place to Meet Your Dream Asian Bride?

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Fed up with online dating? Enjoy meeting women face to face? Romance tours are another way of finding an Asian wife.

A romance tour is basically a vacation in an Asian city or region. The tour company normally arranges everything, so all you need to do is to book some flights to your destination. Once you reach your destination the tour company will normally meet you at the airport and escort you to the hotel.

There are a number of companies who organise romance tours. The best known is AFA (also known as LoveMe). They have numerous differently named websites. Most of AFA's tours are of Russian and Eastern European cities, and they also do tours of Central and South American countries. Increasingly they are organising trips to Asia, especially to China and the Philippines. Tours of Chinese cities include Shenzhen and Chongqing, and tours of the Philippines normally take in Davao City or Cebu. AFA are based in the USA. If you're using a romance tour company then it's usually better to ensure they are based in a Western country so you have some comeback should the tour be cancelled.

One thing to bear in mind is that although the companies arrange tours at various times of the year, you can normally also chat to the ladies who might appear on the tour via their websites. Companies like AFA will also allow you to visit their Asia offices at any time and have your own mini-tour arranged (for a fee of course).

Who Should Consider a Romance Tour?

Experience a vibrant Asian city on an escorted romance tour

Romance tours are well worth considering if you've not travelled widely or on your own. Asia can be a formidable destination if you've never left your home country before. China in particular is a difficult country to travel to as a lone traveller. Thailand has a large tourist industry, so it's easier to travel there by yourself. The Philippines is another destination that can be tricky to visit as a lone single traveller.

Romance tours are also worth considering if you don't like using the Internet, or you're not that experienced at online life. There are numerous dating scammers at work on Asian dating websites, and if you're not fully internet savvy then it can be easy to fall prey to the scammers. Having dated Asian ladies I've talked to online and just met in real life, I have to say that online dating is overrated. I talked to one Asian woman for nearly 6 months online, but when we met in person I knew after five minutes that she wasn't the girl for me.

A romance tour is also a good opportunity to meet dozens of Asian ladies. If you're new to the idea of finding an Asian wife, then it can be a good experience for finding out exactly what sort of Asian wife you are looking for.

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Romance Tour

Romance tours can be quite expensive, so it's essential to be fully prepared.

It's best to sign up for a romance tour a few months before the trip itself. That gives you enough time to prepare for the trip. The more preparations you make, the more chance you'll have of finding love on the trip.

Before embarking on the tour, read up on the country you're going to visit. If you're going to visit a particular Asian country then you might want to chat to some ladies in the country before you go. A site such as DateIn Asia is good for this, or try one of the Cupid Media sites such as Filipino Cupid. Just be clear that you're seeking a penpal rather than a marriage partner, in order not to disappoint any ladies you talk to.

When you go on a tour it's a good idea to take a number of small gifts from your own country. Asian ladies love chocolate and cakes. Most Asian people have small houses so it's usually better to bring gifts that can be eaten!

Finally, don't expect too much of the tour. Treat it as a fantastic vacation and if you meet the girl of your dreams then so much the better.

So if you're interested in having both a memorable vacation and the chance to meet some exceptional Asian ladies, then why not consider attending a romance tour of Asia?

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