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Looking for an Asian partner? Here are some ways of using Asian matchmaking services. There are plenty of different types of Asian matchmaking services. You can do the matchmaking yourself by using an online matchmaking site. Alternatively there are many different Asian introduction agencies - some do matchmaking as part of the service. Finally you can do what most Asian people do when they want to find a partner - find a matchmaker to help them find a suitable partner.

Online Dating Sites

If you want to do the matchmaking yourself then there are plenty of online dating sites. You can of course find men and women of Asian descent on just about any large dating site. If you're specifically looking for an Asian wife then it's sometimes better to use one of the many specialist Asian dating websites.

At the lower end of the scale are 100% free Asian dating sites like DateInAsia (here's a DateInAsia website review). Free dating sites usually have fairly basic search facilities and very limited matchmaking facilities. On top of that they're a haven for scammers and dishonest people, so take great care when using a free dating site.

Sites that charge a monthly fee include the Cherry Blossoms dating site. Cherry Blossoms has fairly basic functionality that trys to find suitable matches for you.

Amongst the best Asian dating sites as far as their matchmaking abilities go are the Cupid Media managed sites including Japan Cupid and Asian Dating. These sites have some good matching technology, plus once you've been shown a potential match your details are both shown side by side so you can quickly see if your potential partner looks like being a good match.

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Introduction Agencies

Dating sites are improving their matchmaking technology, but it will be many years before they get close to the successful matchmaking performed by humans. Consequently it's often worthwhile investigating the introduction agency route.

Introduction agencies tend to have fewer members compared to online dating sites. However, a reputable introduction agency will tend to vet their client list so the quality over quantity rule will normally apply to an introduction agency compared to a dating site.

Introduction agencies usually cost a lot more to join. However, they provide a much more personalised service. Often the agency will select the ideal matches for you to meet.

Asian introduction agencies are especially numerous in the Thai mail order bride business. There are many Thailand based introduction agencies that will help you with your search for a Thai bride. They normally charge an all inclusive fee which includes matchmaking services, help with travel to Thailand and finally marriage and visa services should you meet the Thai lady of your dreams. Thai based introduction agencies are particularly recommended for older men looking for mature Thai women.

Introduction Agency/Online Dating and Matchmaking

The Internet has revolutionised the Asian brides business, so an increasing number of mail order brides businesses now allow you to search for your perfect match before meeting her for the first time. Most introduction agencies specialising in Asian matchmaking have websites where you can browse the personals of their members. Email, webcam and chat facilities also allow you to meet your potential partner before travelling to Asia to meet them in person.

Asian Matchmakers

In Asian countries young people always seem to be insanely busy! They work long hours and in the evenings might have to spend even more time with their boss in order to entertain clients. There are also household chores to perform as well as looking after elder members of the family.

It's not surprising that a large number of Asians turn to matchmakers in order to help them find a suitable marriage partner. While arranged marriages do still happen in many Asian countries, an far more popular way of finding a partner is to use a matchmaker. Sometimes professional matchmakers are used. More often than not the matchmaker is simply a family friend. Older women love to play the role of matchmaker. Matchmakers are particularly prevalent in China. Most families will know a woman who is a great matchmaker, and she will use her vast network of friends and relatives in order to suggest partners for a single Chinese man or woman.

So how can you use this matchmaking service? Although there are loads of online dating sites where you can meet Asian singles, there are always going to be problems with scammers, as well as unsuitable marriage partners. It's difficult to get to know someone online, and a long distance, multi-cultural relationship is difficult at the best of times. By using a matchmaker you can be reasonably certain that the person is likely to be a better match than someone you met on a dating site. If you get to know your matchmaker well then hopefully the quality of potential matches will increase.

Obviously it is easier to use the services of a matchmaker if you're living or working in an Asian country. But don't forget that there may be Asian matchmakers who can help you in your own town or city. Many cities have large Asian communities. Another good way of meeting a potential matchmaker is to take a course in an Asian language. Chinese, Japanese or Thai courses are quite common in larger cities. Maybe you could ask an Asian friend for advice as well.

Sometimes it is customary to provide a modest financial reward to the matchmaker should a suitable partner be found.

Whether you go the online dating site, introduction agency or matchmaker route, good luck with your search for an Asian partner online.

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