An Essential Guide to Asian Lesbian Dating

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For decades, men have been going to Asia in search of wives. So why don't women do the same? What if you're interested in Asian lesbian dating? What are the options?

Lesbian Dating on Asian Dating Sites

Asian dating is a lot of fun

There are a wide range of Asian dating websites. Many of the Asian dating sites are aimed at the mail order brides market. Many of these sites are run by marriage agencies who make money from finding Thai, Chinese and Filipina mail order brides for men. So if you're a woman seeking a woman then these sites are probably going to be of limited value to you. These sites don't tend to cater for women at all.

Things are changing throughout Asia. Rising prosperity means that many more women have good jobs. Increasing numbers of women have internet access at home or at work. So instead of relying on marriage agencies they're taking to the internet and posting their own details on dating sites. Contrary to what women think Asian brides are like, the reality is that increasing numbers of Asian women have good jobs and careers. Consequently they're much less reliant on men as they were in previous decades. Most Western people think Asian mail order brides live in tin shacks and pick rice for a living. In reality I've dated two women who've earnt more than I have, and I've seen women on Chinese dating sites with doctorates, MBAs and a host of other qualifications, many of which have been obtained from Western universities.

There are quite a few Asian dating sites that are popular with Asian women with internet access. Examples are Cherry Blossoms and the free site DateInAsia. Cupid Media also have a range of Asian dating sites, from large general sites like Asian Euro to country specific dating sites like Chinese Love Links and Thai Love Links. The Cupid Media sites may not be that useful, since they don't allow you to register as a woman seeking another woman. They do however run a lesbian dating site called PinkCupid. This site is worth a look as all the Cupid Media sites are very user friendly and subscription fees are quite reasonable. All of their sites have thousands of members in a wide range of countries.

On Asian dating sites the majority of Asian women on them tend to live in Asia. Men know that there are some great women in Asia, so they tend to look for Asian wives in Asia itself rather than find Asian women living in their own country. Obviously this appeals to a man's hunting instinct. Men also think that Asian ladies living in Asia will be more traditional. While it's perfectly feasible to look for a lesbian partner in Asia, bear in mind that long distance relationships are both stressful and expensive. Finding a partner in your own country is an easier option.

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Dating on Lesbian Niche Dating Sites

One other option is to go for a lesbian specific dating site and look for Asian women there. There are a wide range of lebian dating sites - PinkCupid has already been mentioned. The good thing about these sites is that since they're aimed at the lebian dating scene you're more likely to find women seeking other women for relationships.

Asian Lesbian Dating Issues

Some Asian cultures are still fairly conservative, so be aware of cultural sensitivities when dating an Asian person. Although an Asian person might be confortable with being a lesbian, their family might not be quite so open to the idea. It's still fairly common for Asian women to marry men, even if they don't fancy men and would rather have a lesbian relationship.

One hazard is that if you use a mainstream Asian dating site, then many women who say they're looking for women are actually interested in men. I guess that they ticked the wrong radio button when choosing whether they were interested in dating man, woman or ladyboy. This is certainly the case on Asian Kisses. There are hundreds of Asian women on Asian Kisses who have put that they're seeking another woman, but when you read their profile you get the impression that they're really seeking a man. So take care if you use a site like this.

If you're thinking of using an Asian dating website, then be on the lookout for scams and scammers. Unfortunately they're quite common on Asian dating sites. Most scammers are just after money, so to avoid a scam, don't send anyone money. Simple as that. Bear in mind that it's not just men who are the targets for scammers on dating sites, women also get scammed.

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