Which Asian Ladies Make the Best Wives?

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So you're thinking about finding an Asian wife. But which country is it best to find an Asian lady? Here's a brief overview of popular countries where it's possible to find ladies that would make great Asian wives.

Chinese Ladies

Asian ladies are very lovely indeed

Chinese ladies are very beautiful. In fact they could be the most beautiful ladies in the whole of Asia.

It's not all plain sailing though. Finding a Chinese bride is a complicated process. Problems include:

  • The language barrier, and the fact that the Chinese ladies most likely to want a Western husband are those who don't speak much or any English.
  • Corruption and dishonesty are rife. Many men have found honest ladies, only to be let down by a corrupt and dishonest marriage agency.
  • There is a severe lack of honest flat rate fee introduction agencies like there are in Thailand.

Filipino Ladies

It can be hard to make a living in the Philippines, so marrying a Western man is one way of improving your standard of living. All Asian dating sites like Asian Love Connections have huge numbers of Filipina ladies on them. This is due in part to the fact that Filipinas usually have a good standard of English. Consequently they find it easy to sign up to Asian dating websites that are only available in English. A further advantage that Filipinas have is that many of them have worked overseas. This makes them much more familiar with Western culture compared to their Thai or Chinese sisters.

Filipina ladies can make loving, devoted wives. The main problem is that Filipino dating scammers are rife on many dating sites.

Filipina ladies are also a good choice if you want to find a Christian wife from Asia.

Japanese Ladies

Japan is Asia's wealthiest country. Consequently it's not possible to find a mail order bride type of Asian bride from Japan.

Japanese ladies are smart and sophisticated. They are arguably the best ladies in Asia, and would make fantastic wives. The problem is that Japan is perceived as being an expensive place to visit, which puts many men off.

There are plenty of Japanese dating websites available - Japanese Cupid is one of the most popular. However, by far the easiest way to find a Japanese wife is to spend a year or two living in Japan. Westerners are rare in Japan, so you'll have your pick of some very beautiful and sophisticated Asian ladies. If you want to live in Japan then it's possible to find a professional job there if you work in an industry such as IT or finance. If you speak some Japanese then your odds of finding a good job are considerably higher. Alternatively it's possible to find work as a language teacher.

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Thai Ladies

Thai ladies were the traditional Asian brides of choice in the days of the mail order bride catalog business. The Thai economy has powered ahead in recent years, so Thai ladies are much less reliant on men as a source of income. Thai ladies are still immensely popular as wives. Many Thai women will have friends or relatives married to Western men.

While there are plenty of Thai dating sites such as Thai Love Links and Thai Love Links, it's common for Western men to use the services of an introduction agency in order to be introduced to Thai ladies looking for husbands. Introduction agencies are a much safer way of meeting Thai ladies. There's much less chance of coming across a dating site scammer from Nigeria. Introduction agencies also tend to have fixed fees, so you know how much finding a bride is likely to cost. They can also assist with visa applications. These days Western governments are cracking down on immigration, so it's invaluable to have the assistance of someone who is familiar with immigration paperwork.

Vietnamese Ladies

Vietnamese ladies are very lovely. Due to the shortage of women in their own countries, increasing numbers of Chinese and South Korean men are choosing to find brides in Vietnam. While it's tempting to join them, remember that you're going to be a pioneer and so if you run into problems in a relationship with a Vietnamese lady then you might find it hard to find support.

Anyway, if you fancy your chances with the Vietnamese ladies a good starting place is Vietnam Cupid.

Korean Ladies

South Korea is a country that's often overlooked by men looking for Asian wives. South Korean ladies are very lovely, and well worth considering. A great dating site to try if you want to chat to Korean ladies is Korean Cupid.

Remember that South Korea is much weathier than other Asian countries like China, Thailand and the Philippines. Consequently South Korean ladies will be much less likely to marry for econonic reasons, and it's not really possible to find a South Korean mail order bride. Another factor to remember is that there is a shortage of ladies in South Korea, so South Korean can set their standards high when looking for a husband.

One option if you want a South Korean wife is to look for her in Japan. There are a large number of ladies of Korean descent who live in Japan. Due to a stigma with not being born Japanese, these Korean ladies can often find it much harder to find a Japanese husband. These ladies will often speak Japanese and may have lived in Japan all their lives, but they are still considered to be Korean.

So these are some common choices when looking for an Asian lady to marry. Don't discount other Asian countries either - Indonesia is an increasingly popular place in which to find an Asian wife. There are also many smart, beautiful and sophisticated Asian ladies in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Good luck with your search for a beautiful and loving Asian lady.

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