Word Cloud of Asian Dating Topics

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Here's a word cloud created from some of the site content of the Asian Dating Sites Guide.

Word Cloud for the Asian Dating Sites Guide

It's quite a nice way of visualising the 250+ pages of this site, and have an at a glance view of what the important topics may be as far as Asian dating is concerned.

As with all word clouds, the larger the word appears the more important it is as far as the site is concerned.

So let's pick out some details from the site's world cloud.

In the middle of the word cloud, Chinese is certainly noticeable. If you've just started looking for an Asian wife then you might know about Thai or Filipino brides. But Chinese brides are certainly becoming more popular as Asian wives. On long established Asian dating sites like Blossoms there are now many Chinese ladies on them. There are also increasing numbers of Chinese dating sites. Indeed the Chnlove Chinese dating site has over 10,000 Chinese ladies' profiles posted on it. That figure grew something like 20% in just one year. On a more anecdotal note I spend a lot of time in Central London. Over the last couple of years I've noticed a lot more Western men walking around with Chinese wives or girlfriends. Is the era of the Thai bride drawing to a close? Maybe...

Back to the word cloud, and Thai and Filipina appear to have equal weighting. It's likely that ladies from both countries are roughly as popular as each other when it comes to Asian dating.

There are a few other words I've picked out from the cloud:

Cupid refers to Cupid Media. This company runs a large number of popular Asian dating sites including Chinese Love Links, Filipino Cupid and Thai Love Links. Personally I prefer these sites to any of the others. There are plenty of members to choose from. The search engine is top notch. There are basic matchmaking facilities. And there are good features for storing your favorite ladies. Given how many emails you normally get if you sign up as a full member of an Asian dating site these features are very important.
Most Asian ladies are marriage orientated, and they're far more interested in marriage than a short term fling. It's worth bearing this in mind if you're not marriage minded yourself. If you just want fun with an Asian lady, then use a chatting or flirting site, or find one of the many good time girls who are lurking on DateInAsia.
The Kisses dating sites (Asian Kisses, Thai Kisses, Filipino Kisses, Chinese Kisses, Ladyboy Kisses) are fairly popular, especially with German men seeking Asian mail order brides. These sites have some quite good features. However, they don't have as many members as the Cupid dating sites.
Lurking in the bottom right hand corner, Photos is an important word when it comes to Asian dating. I've personally got annoyed with ladies who just upload one or two photos of themselves to a dating site, then expect to find a husband. Sorry ladies - men are visual creatures and we love to see what you look like! Perhaps they should take a leaf out of the books of the ladyboys on Ladyboy Kisses. Some of these lovelies upload 20-30 photos of themselves! On the subject of photos, I never chat to any lady who hasn't uploaded any photos of herself. They might be shy, or they might be a scammer. Just avoid them. Also worth bearing in mind is that many Chinese ladies upload airbrushed photos of themselves. These ladies may be more narcissistic, and they are more likely to be scammers. Insist on seeing natural photos if beauty is important to you. Some ladies even airbrush their snapshots - so take care!
Fee and Cost
Fee is in the centre of the word cloud and Cost towards the top. You'd almost overlook them at first glance. Strangely this mirrors the world of online Asian dating. Hardly any site makes it easy to find out how much it costs. It's annoying, but these sites will do everything to make sure you sign up for free membership straight away - asking for a membership fee comes later, and usually after you've spotted the girl of your dreams on the site!
Love is quite big, but it's not immediately noticeable. In Asian dating you'll eventually work out that not many Asian ladies marry purely for love. Maybe only men marry for love. Maybe ladies take a long time to fall in love - certainly longer than men. Anyway, a big mistake a man can make in Asian dating is to assume his chosen lady loves him. Maybe she does, but it's often in a different way to what we Westerners consider love to be. Often the key to a successful marriage with an Asian lady is mutual self-interest. If you both get what you want out of the relationship, then often that's enough for a long lasting marriage.

So this has been a different way of looking at Asian dating. Finding an Asian wife could be a lot harder than you think. So read everything you can on the matter and you'll have a much better chance of a successful marriage to a beautiful Asian girl. Good luck!

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By the way, if you want to create your own Word Cloud then check out the rather brilliant Wordle.

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