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If you want to find an Asian wife but aren't sure which country you want to find a wife from then one of these general Asian dating sites might be a good place to start.

Generally speaking you'll find that Asian ladies looking for Western husbands are mostly from Thailand, The Philippines and China. There are vast differences between these countries!

Thai Ladies

In general, Western men seem to prefer to marry Thai ladies from poor families who come from the North or South of the country. The Thai/Western marriage scene is very well developed and Thai ladies normally know what to expect when they marry a Western man, since many Thai ladies usually know a friend or relative who has a Western husband. Thailand is an attractive retirement destination. While Thai ladies are OK with moving to your own country, the can find it tough. The weather can be much colder in Western countries. Since most of these ladies have little education or English speaking abilities, they can struggle to find good jobs in a Western country.

Filipina Ladies

The Philippines is a very poor country so marrying a Western man is an obvious way out of poverty for many Filipinos and their families. Filipinas make good wives for Western men as they have good English skills. They also tend to be Christians which makes them popular Asian wives for men whom religion plays an important part in their lives. Most Asian dating sites are awash with Filipina girls.

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Chinese Ladies

China is a very large country with a massive population. China doesn't have the abject poverty of India or the Philippines. It is however a hard place to live as there is huge competition for the best jobs.

Chinese ladies tend to be very variable on dating sites, and no two Chinese ladies are alike. Add to that the alien culture and baffling language and finding a Chinese wife is an uphill struggle at time. The good news is that if you can find an honest Chinese lady who is not marrying you for your money or a visa then Chinese lady/Western man marriages can be very successful.

Online dating is expensive in China. Consquently Chinese ladies on online dating sites tend to be from the middle - upper classes of society. For the most part the Chinese ladies on dating sites have had a very good education. Most of them will have been to college, and many will have University degrees, some from overseas Universities. You'll also notice that Chinese ladies on dating sites are extremely beautiful, and yes they really are that beautiful in real life. The beauty of the women in central Chinese cities like Changsha, Wuhan or Chongqing will amaze you. Very few Westerners have ever visited these areas of China, so they have no idea of how many beautiful ladies there are in mainland China.

Other Asian Ladies

It's also of course possible to find an Asian wife from another Asian country. Japanese ladies are lovely, but Japan is an expensive place to live. Japanese ladies also tend to be much more wealthy than ladies from other Asian countries, so marrying rich Western men for money is not really something they need to do in order to escape a life of poverty. South Korean ladies are also very lovely, but again South Korea is a wealthy place compared to other Asian countries.

Asian Kisses is a site worth considering if you are looking for an Asian wife or girlfriend online. Asian Kisses has plenty of beautiful girls registered who are waiting to talk to Western men.

One speciality of Asian Kisses is that there are also a few Asian ladyboys listed on the site, if that's your ideal of a perfect Asian partner.

Asian Kisses is particularly popular with German men who are looking for Thai and Filipina girlfriends. There are also plenty of men from the USA, Canada the UK and other European countries using Asian Kisses.

If you want to find out more about the Asian Kisses dating site then there's a more comprehensive overview below:

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