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Asian Dating Mall is an asian dating personals website where you can meet Asians online. The site is primarily designed as a personals site where Western men can meet Asian women looking for husbands.

The ladies on Asian Dating Mall are from a wide range of countries, but as with most Asian dating sites they're primarily of Filipino, Thai or Chinese origin. Not all of the members live in these countries, in particular a large number of Filipino ladies live and work overseas, especially in Western countries. If you're looking for a Filipina wife, you might be able to find her in your own country through Asian Dating Mall.

The Asian ladies on the site are in a wide age range, but the majority of female members are aged between 20 and 55.

To find your dream Asian wife on the Asian Dating Mall website there is basic search where you can search on age and which country the woman is from. Search results show a photo of the lady plus a few details like their age and when they last logged into the site. Some of the ladies have put a bit of text in to show what they're looking for in a man.

Click on a lady in the search results and you'll see a few more details about her like height and weight, her occupation and whether she smokes or drinks. Many of the members have posted several photos of themselves which is useful. In general the more details someone posts on a dating site the more serious they are about finding a partner.

To get the most out of the Asian Dating Mall site it's best to sign up for a paid membership. Members who have paid a dating site membership fee are listed first in search results. You're also less likely to be a timewaster or a scammer so you usually get more interest shown in your profile. The Asian Dating Mall membership fee is fairly expensive compared to other sites such as Chinese Cupid. However, Asian Dating Mall does have a free membership option so it's best to try the site's features before you spend your hard earned cash. You do however get a free complimentary subscription to another one of their dating sites including for Filipina ladies and sites featuring Caribbean and Eastern European mail order brides.

So is Asian Dating Mall a good dating site? I am fairly wary of this site as there aren't any company ownership details, neither is there a postal address for the operating company. Be very careful with posting personal details to this site. Alternative Asian dating sites are Cherry Blossoms and AsianEuro. Both are based in Western countries, have reasonable anti-scam features and are both much cheaper than Asian Dating Mall.

Asian Dating Mall - Other Features

Other features of Asian Dating Mall include a few basic pages of information about Asia, including the countries you can visit and what you can do while you're there. There is also a brief FAQ and a contact form.

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Asian Chatrooms

Asian chat rooms are very popular, and Asian Dating Mall offers a few different types of chat:

  • Email chat, where you can send and receive messages from Asian ladies.
  • Webcam chat, where you can actually see the Asian lady you're chatting to.

Some Asian ladies are a bit shy about chatting, especially on webcam. Sometimes you'll hear excuses about them not having a webcam. One reason they do this is that Asian ladies tend to be quite shy at times. In particular if there English is bad then they don't like to lose face by showing you how poor their English is. Alternatively not wanting to appear on a webcam could indicate that you're talking to a scammer, so be careful. Bear in mind that in China, Thailand and the Philippines Internet cafes are widespread, and an increasing number of ladies have computers at home. Many Asian mobile phones also have chat facilities, particularly in China where the QQ chat software is installed on most mobile phones and you can get an English version for Windows PCs.

So to summarise, Asian Dating Mall is an OK Asian dating site, but it's quite expensive for what it is. There are cheaper and safer alternatives out there. Safe dating!

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