Asian Dating - Frequently Asked Questions ( Part 1)

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Here are some questions that recent visitors to the Asian Dating Sites Guide have asked, together with some sort of answer...

Why are Japanese so different than other Asians?

I'm glad someone else has noticed. Japanese people really are a lot different to other Asians. To marry a Japanese person is really going to require a deep understanding of Japanese culture. Unlike other Asian people, the Japanese don't seem to like living overseas as much as say the Chinese or Filipinos. If you want a Japanese partner, then I can only recommend going to live in Japan. There you'll get to experience Japanese culture first hand, as well as being able to join some Japanese groups. Group mentality is important in Japan, and if you're not part of someone's group, then it's hard to date them.

Why are Koreans so cute?

Well I don't know the answer to this, but they certainly are cute. If you want to see some Korean cuties, then check out the KPop group Kara.

Korean ladies could well make the best Asian wives of all. Sadly it's difficult to find a Korean wife. There's no shortage of men in Korea, so Korean ladies have plenty of admirers. Few Western men also visit Korea compared to China or Japan.

Why are there so few asian women on dating sites?

A simple answer - most Asian women are on Asian dating sites rather than mainstream dating sites. Check out a site such as Asian Dating or Asian Euro and you'll find tens of thousands of Asian women!

Why are there so many ladyboys in the Philippines?

I don't know the answer to this, but if you're into ladyboys then it's often better to look for a Filipino ladyboy rather than a Thai ladyboy. If you like ladyboys then check out Ladyboy Kisses - one of the better ladyboy personals sites.

Why choose a Filipino bride?

Filipino ladies are God fearing Christians, and they marry for life. Filipino women have sexy figures and fun personalities. Filipinos are also used to working overseas. Many also speak English, so you don't have the nightmare language communication difficulties that you can have with Chinese or Thai women.

Why choose AsianDating?

Asian Dating com is a good quality Asian dating website run by Cupid Media. The site has a flat rate subscription - pay the membership fee and you can chat to as many women as you want to. There are also ladies from a range of different countries, so you'll have more than enough Asian ladies to chat to.

Why do Australian men seek Indonesian women?

This is easy to answer - Indonesia is the closest Asian country to Australia, so there's not so far to travel in search of an Asian bride. Indonesian women are also exotically beautiful. Check out Indonesian Cupid if you want to chat to some sexy Indonesian ladies online.

Why do Japanese women love western men?

Easy answer - novelty factor. Western men are rare in Japan, and having a Western boyfriend is very trendy. Having a Western husband is another matter though - this probably isn't such a status symbol as it is in a country such as China or Thailand. If you seek a Japanese wife, be very careful to avoid ladies who are just interested in you for the novelty factor.

Why don't mature Chinese women look their age?

Having met some beautiful mature Chinese women in mainland China I'd confirm that this is true - mature Chinese women look a lot younger than they are. Reasons include:

  • They rarely smoke.
  • They rarely drink alcohol.
  • They rarely eat high levels of sugar.
  • They eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • When the sun is shining they take a sun umbrella (parasol) out with them.

There are also genetic factors, although diet and lifestyle are both extremely important. Western ladies - learn from the Chinese!

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Why is it so hard to meet Asian woman?

The main factor here is money. To meet an Asian woman who is living in Asia you need to have money for airfares, hotels and other essentials. To bring an Asian wife back to the USA will cost at least $5000, and maybe a lot more. Once she's in your country, you'll need to demonstrate that you can support her. This is largely why it's mostly men in their 30's to 60's who are interested in meeting Asian women from Asia.

Why younger Asian woman prefer older men?

Is this true? Or is it a myth? Go on Japan Cupid and you won't find many 20 year old Japanese women who are looking for 50 year old husbands. But you'll find loads of Filipinas on Filipina Heart who say they're looking for someone from 18-80. So it can be assumed that money is largely the factor here. Beyond this though, women tend to prefer a man who is a few years older than herself. An older man is seen as being more mature, have a stable career, and may be less likely to stray...

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