What Are The Alternatives to Asian Dating?

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What are the alternatives to Asian dating? If you want a foreign partner then there are a range of other countries where you can find love. Obviously it's possible to find a partner in pretty much any country in the world. However, it's usually best to stick to the countries where there is a long history of foreigners marrying into the native population. There is an exception of course - if you know a particular country well, then go for it. But if you've not been to a country before, and not many foreigners have found partners there, then proceed with caution.

Russia and Eastern Europe

Russia and Eastern Europe is a very popular place for men to find so-called mail order brides. The economy in Russia and Eastern Europe has improved significantly in recent years, so there is less economic necessity for Russian women to find men from overseas. However, reduced life expectancy due to alcoholism and war has lead to a shortage of men in Russia.

Russian dating sites like Russian Cupid have a reputation for being full of scammers, so take great care. In reality a lot of the scammers are actually not Russian women at all, but are often Nigerian men or organised crime networks.

Always have at least one webcam session with a Russian woman you're interested in meeting so you know she's genuine. Never send money for any reason. If you want your Russian lady to marry you for love rather than money, then find someone closer to your own age, and if in doubt get her over to your country on a fiancee visa. Then you can see if you are both comfortable with the relationship.

Russian and Eastern European men aren't often married by Western women. Male life expectancy in these countries is generally much lower than in Western countries.

Latin America

Central and South America is a good place to look if you want a foreign partner. This is a particularly good choice if you're American and Canadian - you won't have to cross the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans to find love. In fact Columbia is just two hours flight from Miami.

There are beautiful latin American ladies in a wide range of countries to choose from. Ladies from Spanish speaking countries tend to fit in well to life in the USA, especially the Southern states. For an English speaker it's much easier to learn Spanish than one of the Asian languages like Thai or Mandarin Chinese. If you want a foreign husband then there is also plenty of choice in countries such as Brazil.

The Middle East

Much of the Middle East is a very male dominated society. If you're a Western man then it should be fairly easy to find a wife here who would want to marry a Western man. Some Western women marry Middle Eastern men. This can be hazardous, as family law is limited in many Middle Eastern/Arabic countries, and there have been many sad cases of British and American women having very limited access to their children after their marriage went sour and the man took their children back to the Middle East.

Western Europe

Don't forget Western Europe as well. Plenty of people in the UK and other European countries like the idea of a foreign partner. Western Europe is easy to travel to, and the countries are generally much safer to travel to than Latin American or Eastern European Countries.


There are plenty of dating sites that focus on the African continent - examples include the Afrointroduction dating site and Afrika Dating. West African countries in particular have a rising population of middle class people who have internet access and want to try online dating. Sadly there are vast numbers of African dating site scammers so take great care when using an African dating site.

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So these are the alternatives to Asian dating. Choosing a partner is a huge commitment, so it's good to consider as many options as possible.

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