Asia Love Match Dating Site Review

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Are you looking for an Asian wife or girlfriend online? There are hundreds of Asian dating sites online, but which can you trust? Here's some information about Asia Love Match. This site is a popular Asian dating website. It's primarily used by Western men looking for Asian wives online.

Asia Love Match Review

Asia Love Match (AsiaLoveMatch.Net) is a foreign dating website where you can meet and chat to Asian ladies from a range of Asian countries. Unlike a site like Chnlove, the ladies aren't necessarily marriage minded.

Asia Love Match has a sister site called China Love Match. If you're looking for a Chinese wife then you may be better off using China Love Match.

The Asia Love Match website has plenty of Asian ladies registered with it, so you'll have no problems finding ladies you'd like to contact. The ladies on the site are from a range of countries, but there are a large number of Filipinas from the Philippines as well as some ladies from China and Indonesia. The lady photos on the search and browse pages are nice and clear. There are plenty of ladies with natural looking photos instead of airbrushed and retouched studio portraits that are all too common on Chinese dating site profiles.

When you click on a photo of a lady you like the look of you can see more details such as her height and weight, her job and religion. Many of the Filipina ladies on the site will speak and write English which is great if you want an Asian wife who speaks English.

Many of the ladies have also filled out details of the type of man they're looking for. Take care to check their answer to "prepared to relocate" - there's no point talking to an Asian lady who won't leave her country if you specifically want your future Asian bride to come and live with you in your own country. Another important thing to look out for is that if she already has a child. If you want your lady to move to your country then there could be problems with her family if she already has a child.

Parental approval is very important for many ladies contemplating marriage. Although you could get married without her parent's approval, it's not really advisable! You should make absolutely certain that a lady's family are OK about her marrying a Westerner. You would think that older ladies could get away with more, but funnily enough this isn't always the case.

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Asia Love Match Scams

So is Asia Love Match a good website for meeting a potential Asian wife or girlfriend? I am wary of this website for a number of reasons:

  • The website appears to be operated by a Hong Kong based company called CyperCupid. There have been a lot of problems with Hong Kong based website operators such as Chnlove. Proceed with caution.
  • The website does not give an indication of what it costs. Actually a lot of dating sites are guilty of this - they are really eager for you to sign up for free then find a woman you can't resist contacting. All the same you should be suspicious of a site like this.
  • The "scammer's prison" feature shows that there are plenty of scammers at work on this site. Again, be careful.
  • Asia Love Match also shows pretty much complete details of all its members to anyone. Would you want your details shown all over the Internet? Would you want your friends and co-workers to find out you're looking for a partner there? I know I wouldn't.
  • Although the site contains plenty of testimonials, there's absolutely no guarantee that they're genuine.

By all means give Asia Love Match a go, but please be very careful using this site. Both Asia Love Match and China Love Match have their fans, but others have had problems on these sites. As always be very careful with your personal details, and never send money to anyone you meet on an online dating site.

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