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Although there are many Thai online dating websites available, you can never be quite sure if the lady you're talking to is a scammer or a dishonest lady. A far better way to find a decent Thai bride is to use an introduction agency like Anglo Thai Introductions.

Anglo Thai Introductions is based in Thailand. It has plenty of experience in finding Thai brides for Western men. Anglo Thai Introductions has an all inclusive fee based service. Although this may seem more expensive than using a dating site, it would probably work out much better value in the long run.

Agencies like Anglo Thai Introductions normally run background checks on their ladies in order to ensure they are suitable candidates for marriage to a Western man. This makes it less likely that you'll meet one of the many unsuitable Thai ladies, like the thousands who prowl the various online dating sites.

Anglo Thai Introductions will help you to find the Thai lady of your dreams. It will also help with language and translation issues. They are also there to help with any cultural issues that may arise.

Once you've found a Thai lady and you are happy together, then it's time to think about marriage. Anglo Thai Introductions can assist with all the Thai marriage ceremony arrangements. I guess it sometimes sounds a bit like a marriage production line. On the other hand, many of the Western men and Thai ladies looking for love though Anglo Thai Introductions are on their second or third marriages, so they might not be that interested in a lavish wedding ceremony.

Anglo Thai Introductions can also help with the visa application if you want your new Thai bride to move to your own country. This is invaluable assistance since Western countries are tightening their immigration requirements. It's usually better to get the experts to assist with the legal documentation, as any errors you make yourself may mean further delay in your new wife coming to live with you. Alternatively increasing numbers of men are choosing to retire to Thailand with their new brides.

Alternatives to Anglo Thai Introductions

There are many Thai dating sites. Probably the best is ThaiLoveLinks. The site has a reasonable flat rate subscription fee. You don't have to pay to contact each lady - for the subscription fee you can contact as many ladies as you like. The site's search facilities are very sophisticated and it's easy to find women to chat to. On the downside, it's all too easy to meet dishonest people on any of the Thai dating sites. These range from flat out scammers to the many Thai ladies who make a living from Western men sending them money. These ladies are particularly hazardous on Thai dating sites. Due to Thailand's vast entertainment industry, there are many Thai ladies who are extremely skilled in the art of extracting money from men.

On top of the scammers problem, there is also the cultural barrier to overcome. It's hard to talk to ladies on dating sites when they don't speak much English. Personally I found it much easier to talk to Asian ladies in person, as you can rely on body language, point to things and use mobile phone based translation tools. So it can be better to use an introduction agency like Anglo Thai Introductions, as they can help you with the language and cultural barrier.

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There are a few other Thailand introduction agencies. Another popular agency is Thai Professional.

Finally there are a few companies that offer romance tours of Thailand. On these trips you and a few other Western guys will attend a couple of social events and meet Thai ladies looking for husbands. These tours can be a lot of fun. However, there's no guarantee that you'll meet the Thai woman of your dreams. The tours can also be quite expensive for what they are. However, it's worth considering going on a tour if you haven't got much experience of travelling to Asia, or you want to meet a lot of different ladies in order to get a better idea of what type of Thai lady you want to look for.

So if you're looking for a Thai wife then have a look at Anglo Thai Introductions and the services they offer men looking for Thai brides.

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