The A - Z of Dating Asian Women

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A - Age Difference
Many men seek Asian brides because they think they can marry a much younger lady. Before you start chatting to 20 year old Asian girls, just bear in mind that having a relationship isn't always the easiest option. In particular, sorting the decent girls out from the scammers is a lot of effort, and there are a whole host of other issues to consider, not least of which is what would your friends and family think of your relationship. If you want to find a much younger Asian lady then head for Thailand or the Philippines. In general Chinese ladies marrying much older men are just in it for the money, and you'll really struggle to find a Japanese girl who wants to marry a much older man.
B - Busy
Finding an Asian wife takes time - a lot of time! If you're busy then this could be a problem. If you want to find a good Asian wife then you'll need to change your priorities in life. If you have more time than money, then spend whatever it takes to make things more efficient. One top tip is to avoid free dating sites like DateInAsia. Instead, use the Cupid Media sites as they have top notch search engines and facilities for recording your favorite ladies. These tools are huge timesavers, and well worth the subscription fee.
C - Cupid Media
Cupid Media are one of the major operators of Asian dating websites. Their main Asian dating site is (formerly Asian Euro). You'll find a Asian babes from a wide range of countries on this site. However, if you're more interested in Asian ladies from a particular country then you might consider joining their country specific sites. Chinese Love Links, Thai Love Links, Japan Cupid and Filipino Cupid (formerly Filipina Heart) are perhaps their best well known sites. The sites all have a pretty much identical look and feel. They offer Gold or Platinum membership options, as well as a free standard membership plan. There are some great ladies on all of their sites, but be wary of scammers.
D - Divorced Ladies
Divorced ladies often find it hard to remarry Asian men, so don't overlook the many divorced ladies on Asian dating sites. One thing to be wary of is the distinction betwen separated and divorced ladies. You're strongly advised to avoid separated ladies, especially Filipinas. Don't date a lady until she's made the previous relationship final, as you risk being drawn into domestic issues that will cause you a lot of grief and aggrevation. Of course you might also end up funding her divorce, which is something only a foolish man would step into.
E - English
Dating an Asian lady can be so hard because of the language barrier. If you want to make life much easier for yourself then go for one of the many English speaking ladies out there. Filipinas are a good choice as they often speak reasonable English. But don't make the mistake of thinking all Filipinas speak good English - they don't. Filipinas generally only speak good English if they have a business related job or they studied hard at school. But the good news is that Filipinas will generally find it much easier to learn English than ladies from other Asian countries. If you want to find English speakers from other Asian countries then sign up to one of the Cupid Media dating sites. Here's a reminder as well - if you fall in love with a girl who doesn't speak a word of English then you might not be able to get her a visa to live in your country. So make sure you know the settlement laws in your country before you fall in love!
F - Filipinas
Filipinas are possibly the most numerous Asian ladies on Asian dating sites. They pop up everywhere - search for Japanese ladies on Blossoms and you'll probably find more Filipinas than actual Japanese women. So do Filipinas make good Asian brides? They can often make great wives, and they'll happily marry much older men. On the downside finding a good Filipina in amongst the many scammers on dating sites can take a lot of effort. The Philippines can also be an intimidating place for a lone traveller to visit, so make sure you plan that trip carefully.
G - Gifts
We all like to woo ladies with gifts. But in my experience it's better to not send ladies too many gifts. In particular I would avoid the gift services offered by many dating sites. These services offer expensive flowers and teddy bears, and a lady who earns $10 a day won't be too pleased to find out you spent more than $50 on sending her a bunch of red roses! Once you get to know a lady quite well, it is however worth sending her the odd gift. But send the gift yourself, and only send a small box of chocolates or a teddy bear. Actually, sending a small gift is also a good way of verifying that she exists - just get her to show you a photo of her with the gift.

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H - Health
Before you visit Asia it's a good idea to go for a health checkup. In particular, make sure you have the recommended travel vaccinations for where you're intending to travel to. Healthcare can be expensive if you get sick when you're on vacation, so always buy travel insurance before you travel. Finally, it's rare but it does happen - be wary of ladies who want to marry a Western man because they need expensive medical care.
I - Indonesia
Are Indonesian ladies the best kept secret of Asian dating? Why not sign up to Indonesian Cupid and see what you're missing?
J - Japan
Japan may be another overlooked country. Japanese ladies tend to be much more wealthy than ladies from other countries. Consequently you can be more sure that they're not just marrying you for money. Another good thing is that there are much fewer scam ladies and suspicious looking profiles on Japanese dating sites than there are on other Asian dating sites. On the downside, Japan has gone back to being an extremely expensive place to visit and live. There are also not a huge number of Japanese ladies who want to live in another country. So if you want a Japanese wife, you're probably going to have to live in Japan.
K - Knowledge
If you want an Asian wife then you're going to have to accumilate a huge amount of knowledge. You'll need to know about scammers and how to avoid them. You'll have to read up on Asian culture, and maybe start learning some of the language. And that's before you start getting into the complexities of Asian women. Here are some Asian dating guides that can help you understand Asian women.
L - Letter Writing Sites
Asian dating sites are either free (like DateInAsia), charge a flat rate subscription fee (like the Cupid Media sites) or charge you for sending letters to a lady. Common letter writing sites include Chnlove, Asian Beauties and Foreign Ladies. These sites allow you to communicate with ladies who speak or write no English. While good in theory, the sites are expensive and fraught with problems. Be very careful with these types of site.
M - Marriage Agencies
Marriage agencies are common in Asia and they can be an alternative to online dating. If you want a Thai bride then it's often worthwhile using a trusted marriage agency - I like the look of Thai Professional. Marriage agencies are also widespread in China. Sadly these don't always have a good reputation - Changsha Love Bridge Company is one company with very mixed reviews. A good marriage agency can help you a lot. But finding a good marriage agency - that's the tough part!
N - Never Give Up!
Finding an Asian wife is not as easy as you might think. As with dating ladies in your own country, you won't necessarily end up marrying the first girl you meet. So factor in the fact that you might need to make several wife finding trips to Asia. Personally I've been three times now, and I'm still single. But I consider it critically important to marry the right girl.
O - Older Ladies
Asian dating sites try to woo you in with photos of beautiful Asian girls. But the sensible thing to do is usually to try and find a more mature Asian lady. She'll usually get a lot less attention on the dating site, and she will love the attention you give her. Thankfully Asian ladies usually age gracefully, and it's not uncommon to see mature Asian women who look ten or more years younger than their true age. The 36-45 age group is especially worth focussing on.
P - Professional Ladies
I'm a great fan of Asian ladies who find it hard to find husbands in their own countries. I believe it's important to find a girl who is wanting to marry a Western man for the right reasons. One good group of ladies to look out for are the professional ladies. These ladies have good jobs, often speak good English, dress well and many people would consider them as alpha females. Asian men don't tend to like marrying these ladies, as they prefer more submissive housewife type ladies. So don't overlook these professional ladies. They're very common on Chinese dating sites, but there are increasing numbers of professional ladies on Thai and Filipino dating sites. Incidentally, these ladies will take more wooing, but they can often make exceptionally good Asian wives.
Q - Quit the West
The No.1 way to find an Asian wife is to live in Asia. Simple as that. If you can quit the West, then do it. At a rough guess if you can take 3 months out of your life to spend in Asia then you'll find it much easier to find a wife rather than rush over to Asia for two weeks and then marry the wrong lady. If you have a professional career then why not see if you can work in Asia for a while? Retiring to Asia is also an attractive proposition, especially retirement to Thailand.
R - Rush
Whatever you're considering, it's invariably better not to rush into doing anything you might regret later. It's best to talk to ladies for at least a month before you go and visit them in Asia. Once you're there don't marry the first lady you meet. By all means get engaged, but only if you're reasonably certain about her. Some Asian ladies will pressurise you into meeting her parents. Try to avoid this unless you're reasonably sure about her being the one. While it's best not to rush things, also be aware that you shouldn't take things too slowly either. If you've been talking to a lady for at least 6 months and haven't visited her, then she's really going to question whether you're serious about the whole thing. As a rough rule, I've found it best to visit a lady 2-4 months after I first made contact with her.
S - Scammers
Scammers are rife on Asian dating sites. They are more common on Thai and Filipina dating sites. You'll also be much more likely to be seen as a potential scam victim if you're an older man and an American man. Most scammers are after money, so it's essential to never send money to Asian ladies. Believe me when I tell you that decent ladies will never expect you to send them money. Avoid ladies who want you to chat on another site, and be a little more wary of ladies who approach you first. Of course, it's best not to be too paranoid - there are honest ladies on Asian dating sites, so don't assume every lady is a scammer.
T - Translators
Chatting to an Asian lady who doesn't speak English is hard going. There's the Google Translation tool, but don't rely on this as it can produce some epically bad translations. Asian dating sites such as Chnlove, Thai Matches and Asian Beauties have a translation service built into the site. This makes it really easy to chat to ladies who don't speak much English. The downside is that you'll have to pay a lot to use these services. There's also the possibility that the lady you're chatting to isn't even getting your emails. The best advice I have about these sites is to send at most 5 letters to a lady, then request her email address or other contact details. If she refuses then break off all contact with her. Once you've got a lady's email address then you can chat to her on QQ or MSN about unimportant things, and just use the translation service for important things like planning a trip to meet her.
Asian ladies love the USA. If you're an American man and can promise her a new life in the United States then you'll be very popular. That's not to say that ladies aren't interested in men from other countries. It's just that you'll have to work a little bit harder to woo her. Don't worry though - her stereotypical view of your country means that you'll have no problems chatting to her about your nation's famous things, from its food to its cultural sights.
V - Visas
Make sure you read up about visas. If you want to visit or live in an Asian country you may need a visa. Check before you make a travel booking! Similarly, your Asian girlfriend will probably find it hard to get a visa to visit you in your own country. Fiance and marriage visas are getting ever harder to come by, so before you fall in love with an Asian girl then make sure you would qualify for a visa so that she can come and live with you.
W - Webcams
Webcams are an essential part of Asian dating. Once you buy a webcam you can talk to Asian ladies using Skype, MSN or QQ (for Chinese ladies). It is essential that you see a girl on webcam before you get too involved - this allows you to make sure you can confirm that she does actually exist. You may laugh but yes plenty of men have letter writing relationships with girls who may not even exist! The seedy side of webcams is that many Asian girls (particularly Thai and Filipina girls) use webcam shows as a source of income. A girl involved with this probably won't make a good wife, and could end up costing you money!
X - Xenophobia
If you want an interracial marriage then you'll have to put up with a lot of xenophobia. In Asia the sight of a Western man with an Asian woman at his side can arouse a lot of interest. If your self concious then it's best to stick to the major international cities where interracial couplings are commonplace. Seeing Western men with Thai girls is nothing unusual either. But travel to central China and you'll get a lot of staring. You'll also get a fair amount of stick from people in your own country. Your family will be suspicious of your motives for finding an Asian bride, and so will your friends. In fact you might find you'll lose a lot of friends along the way, but happily you'll make a lot of new friends in your search for an Asian wife. It's usually best to ignore any comments you get. Most Western people have never visited Asia, and their perceptions of Asian women and so-called mail order brides are very wide of the mark.
Y - Younger Ladies
Is it worth dating the younger Asian ladies? Most definitely! But just bear in mind that a relationship with a much younger girl can be stressful. If you want to marry a much younger girl, then it's usually better to live with her in Asia. Of course she'll want money, so make sure you have plenty of that. The younger girls are far more likely to be scammers. So avoid online dating sites altogether and spend time in Asia so that you can meet girls in person. If you want a much younger wife then it's best to stick to Thailand or the Philippines. China has a big mistress culture, so if you want a younger Chinese girl on your arm then copy the local Chinese men and get a mistress.
Z - Zzzzz
Zzzzz - Sleep on it! When you're getting involved with Asian ladies you'll find that cultural differences are often immense. Added to that are the terrible misunderstandings that can come from poor translations. Chinese ladies are also well known for not telling you hugely important things about themselves until the last moment. Should any of these happen to you, don't reply to your lady straight away. Have a good think about things, calm down, and consider your next move. Waiting a day or two before responding is usually a good strategy, and it has saved many a relationship.

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